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Auto heater core

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Expert Solutions for Your Auto Heater Core Problems

The heater core is an important part of your vehicle's heating system because that's where the heat exchange takes place. If you find that your vehicle's heating system is not working efficiently, let the experienced and certified technicians from Reseda Auto Air Conditioning & Radiator diagnose the problem and fix the issue.

Quick Auto Heater Core Replacement

Problems with your vehicle's heater core can range from a leaking radiator or hose to an electrical issue. Our technicians will help you diagnose and decide if the heater core needs a repair or replacement.


If you're short on cash, you can simply have us disconnect the heating system and bypass the coolant so that you can get the heater core repaired or replaced at your convenience. This job will be far less expensive and definitely within your budget!

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No matter what make or model your car is – light truck or classic vehicle – Reseda Auto Air Conditioning & Radiator is always ready with heater hoses and fittings to tackle any heating system issue. We can also provide custom heater hose fabrication services.



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